Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Visiting Family

This weekend the kids and I went to Utah for Conference Weekend to spend time with my family. Lex, Erika and her family came up from Cali and Jai and Janel just moved to Utah, so I got to see lots of family. This is Lexi and Desea. They're not the same age, but they are the same size. They were having a great time running back and forth and climbing on the fireplace.

Matthew's sister Jenny and her husband came to they house for a BBQ and to visit with us. Jenny is really good at entertaining the little ones.

This is Lexi and Kalia aka Neech.

This is my youngest brother Curtis (the baby of the family) and his fiance. They are getting married in November and as you can tell by the looks on their faces, they can't wait!

This is the fam hanging out talking stories! Our favorite past time--and boy do we have some STORIES!!! My brothers Lex, Jai & Darren.

My brother Caleb getting attacked by Maka. I got to see all five of my brothers this weekend and they had no problem roughing me up themselves. I have the bruises to prove it Curtis ;)

Jenny with her husband David. It's always great to see you two!

Morah, love those eyebrows!

Cousins Ethan, Ammon & Roko

Cousins Lea and Kalin.

The new arrival, only a few days old. Jai's 3rd! It's so great that I got to see the new little one!


The Perry Family said...

I didn't know that you went too! I'm even more jealous!! I knew Lex and Erika went, and I was jealous because they were all hanging out together, but to top it off you went too! Yay for you guys, sad for all us parted by the distance. sob, and more sob:( Okay sad, but not really! I hope you guys had so much fun! Hey, you got to see the new baby too, jealous again. He looks like such a cutie!! Love you guys and miss ya!

Rolyndia said...

What a great looking family and it sounds like you had so much fun visiting them all.


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