Friday, October 17, 2008

Ethan's Poetry Reading

This morning the girls and I went to Ethan's class for a poetry breakfast. We had breakfast and listened to the kids read the poems that they wrote. Ethan was a little nervous, so the paper stayed in front of his face the entire time. He wrote the poem all on his own! We're so pleased with his poem and his cute reading of it.


kristofer and corrine said...

that is SO cute!! I totally remember those days of reading what you wrote in front of the class... it is so intimidating! Go, Ethan, for having the courage! :)

Amanda said...

Way to go Ethan! What a little poet. He must have been so proud. It is even cuter that he held the paper in front of him. Love It!

Rolyndia said...

That is adorable. He did a great job.

The Perry Family said...

I couldn't hear what he said. He's just so cute behind his paper!

Mashaide said...

Ohhhh, I love it! It's so fun to watch their personalities grow and see their characters bloom. Love ya Etan! Too cute!


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