Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Hairdo

So I just posted yesterday about this hairdo site that I found through another blogger. I entered a contest saying what my favorite hairdo was and I decided to try it out. Here it is the Braid Flower...

Don't you love how Lexi is in the background using the bathroom rug as a blanket!
These are Lexi's first braids! I know they are sticking out, but she's still so cute with that grump face!

She's going to have beautiful curls too! Lucky girls!


Anonymous said...

I love both of the hairdo's, what talent :)

brit said...

super cute!

Amanda said...

Love It! I'm impressed that you can get your kids to stay put long enough to do such cute hair. Mine never stops moving!!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Totally dig the hair! So cute that you can do something fun like that! Great website to check out. Your kids are going to be totally popular just for that hair! CUTE!


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