Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We had an Elders Quorum social on Saturday and we had a dessert making contest. I decided it was time to use Matthew's Grandpa's famous cheesecake recipe. It had been on my fridge for months and I figured it was time to make it.

The recipe in Grandpa's handwriting! Sorry, it is a family recipe and I don't think I'm supposed to share it, so you only get to see a part of it :)

The crust! I always love a good graham cracker crust!
The mix. Who can't get enough cream cheese?
The consolation prize. I didn't win first place, but I won the prize for the dessert that was gone first. What does that tell you?
It didn't turn out as good as it was supposed to because the consistency wasn't right. It was dang TASTY though! It takes 2.5 hours to cook and I had to cut corners because we were in a rush. That's why there's no picture of the final product--we ran out of the door with it to get to the social in time.


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