Monday, September 08, 2008

Lesson Learned!

Hot electric stove top +
Casserole dish lid +

vinyl flooring =

One Sad Husband!

*Edited: This is not the picture of what the floor looked like after the hot shattered glass melted it. I spared my husband that part. You'll have to come over and see if you notice it :)


SayitwithanH said...

Oh, no! So sad/funny! I love the graphics. ;D

Andy and Lynne said...

i have to admit, i was expecting a lot worse! there is always the ol' throw down rug trick...

Tiffany said...

Life lessons are hard to learn, poor guy. Still it makes me laugh. : )

The Kemps said...

Ah, so least it was melted vinyl flooring and not a burned child:-)

BTW-I love how you did your post! Great idea!


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