Monday, September 01, 2008

Blogging our Vacation: Day 5

(Thurs. Aug 7, 2008)

We were at Disneyland the second day bright and early again, around 8:30am. We got a great night sleep at the Hilton, thanks to a friend of mine who works there! Loved the hotel!
We decided to wait in the longest line first thing in the morning. That ride was the Nemo ride. Matthew actually stood in line, while the kids and I ate breakfast outside in the shade at the nearby restaurant. Don't worry, we took him breakfast in line.
The ride was absolutely amazing and the kids thoroughly loved it!
When we got off that ride we decided to wait for the Jedi Knights in Training show. It was right at the exit of the Nemo ride, so it was perfect timing!
They chose kids out of the audience to go up on stage and be Jedis in training. Ethan was in the front with his Star Wars shirt on jumping up and down. We told him to raise his hand and jump so they would pick him. Sadly, he didn't get picked, but he still loved the show!
The kids got to light saber fight with either Darth Vader or Darth Maul. Can you imagine how much fun that would have been for our little Star Wars fanatic? Okay, so we have two of those!
Kalin and I were sitting at a table to the side just watching the show and during the show Darth Maul kept walking up to people and making faces. Kalin had her head down on the rail and Darth Maul came right up to her and stuck his face upside down about 5 inches away from her. After he walked away, she just looked at me. It was pretty funny!
Ethan intently watching the show!
After that we headed on over to the princess show to see all the pretty princesses.
We figured if Ethan got to see Star Wars that we'd have to take Kalin over to Princess land.
She was not as excited as Ethan was and we couldn't figure out why. This was her chance to dance with princesses and this was her attitude.
Still grumpy about who knows what!
So I guess she was upset because she said the princesses didn't look like the real princesses. Whatever! Anyway, she got over it and wanted to take a picture with one of them.
She made her own crown and got to listen to Cinderella tell her own story.
They even came over to Kalin to see if the glass slipper fit!
Matthew and the kids after splash mountain! Notice how wet they all got--the whole reason I did not go on the ride. Instead I walked through the local Pooh Bear shop and bought treats to eat!
Kalin and I went up in Tarzan's tree house while Matthew and Ethan went on the Indiana Jones ride. Kalin was too short for that one.
Kalin climbing a rope!
Doesn't he look like the real thing? Pretty cool!
Waiting for the Parade of Dreams to start. We let the kids have a little money and we told them to look at everything the first day and they could buy their stuff the second day. That way they would get what they really wanted after thinking about it. These Minnie ears were the first thing she saw on the first day and even though she wanted the all white ones, she chose these. Isn't she so cute!
We took the stroller the second day because the kids can't last the entire day with all that walking! Notice the snake that Ethan is holding? It's what he decided on purchasing and it's probably longer than I am tall. Not saying much I know, but it's not a little snake, oh yeah and it stinks!
Oh, how cute!

Yes, they still play the same music to the parade, but the parade is now over at the Disneyland Adventure Park next door.
Looks cool when it's spinning!

The kids watching the parade. They just squeezed in between some people that were already sitting on the sidewalk. They were nice enough to let the kids get a better view by sitting there instead of standing behind them. How sweet.

Pete's dragon.Cool flag!

Loved this one!
You can barely see us, but it's me and the kids in front of the castle.

Even more tired?
Picture on the way out of the park in front of Mickey.
Waiting for the tram to take us back to the parking structure. Our feet our killing us!
Have you ever seen anyone more tired than this? It was about midnight when we left Disneyland and guess who had to drive back to San Diego? You guessed it, me! I guess that's what I get for being a night owl! Not my idea of a fun reason to stay up. I listened to music all the way home so I could stay awake and we all crashed when we got home! :)


Crabtree Family said...

My kids LOVED your pictures and I could barely see them because of the three heads in the way. Now I'm asked when we're going to where MIckey Mouse lives. Looks like soooo much fun!!

Andy and Lynne said...

watching that makes me want to go back, that looks so fun!! i love the picture of them crashed out in the van!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much disneyland has changed in the last four years! I'm so jealous!


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