Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blogging our Vacation: Day 4

(Wed. Aug 6, 2008)

We woke the kids bright and early to go to Disneyland. It was a 2 hour drive from San Diego to Anaheim. We had to wake them up around 5:30am. We figured they could sleep in the car on the way there. I think I slept the entire way there! :) Of course I was up late the night before!

This is the Disneyland entrance that the kids got so excited to see. Of course it has changed since we were last there and now you have to drive all over the place after you get in the entrance just to go to the parking structure! Here's a bit of information that I learned: The Mickey and Friends structure is a six story parking structure that holds over ten thousand cars and is the largest structure in the United States! It's a good thing we were there first thing in the morning and parked right near the escalators.

Our first ride of the day! The kids loved the Matterhorn. Of course they didn't like the abominable snowman inside, but the ride itself was a blast. We weren't sure how the kids would be on roller coasters, but they absolutely loved them!

Our two little ones in front of the Disney castle. Wish we could have been the winners of a night stay in the castle! I think Kalin would have died and gone to Heaven!

On to Pirates!

Remember long lines? It wasn't too bad. We just skipped the lines that were really long and went on to other rides. This line was only 15 minutes and you get to wind through the building looking at stuff anyway. Look at Daddy, carrying the backpack with all our frozen waters, Gatorade's, and snacks. What a trooper!

Kalin as excited as can be. We got her up so early that I forgot to do her hair--oops! Doesn't she look just like her Dad?

Kalin is a little unsure of what to expect!

Daddy and Ethan on the Dumbo ride. While we waited in line they both kept telling us which color Dumbo they were going to ride. Thank goodness we were first in line so they could go directly to the one they both wanted.

They had controllers on these rides so you could make Dumbo go up or down. Kalin was really excited to make Dumbo fly!

We enjoyed waiting in the Buzz Light Year line because the inside of the building is so cool!

This is a life size Buzz and he talks too.
Ethan was more than excited to shoot the laser at all the bad guys on this ride.
This is the picture that they take while your on the ride. It's so nice because you can just email the picture to your email and you don't have to buy anything. It even has the score on each player.
Check out Mommy's score!

We caught the fireworks show as we were coming out of a ride.
We don't have as many pictures as we would have liked the first day because I didn't have my battery charged. I was able to go back to the hotel in the middle of the day and get my other battery, (oh yeah and relax just a little) so we do have some pictures. There are more to come of course :)


Kipn n' Sarah said...

Disneyland YEAH!!! Love that place for sure! I am totally impressed that the kids liked the rolar coasters as much as they did, the matterhorn is kinda fast and freaky so I am impressed big time. Well looks like fun, fun, fun!

Anonymous said...

So fun! Aiden is very jealous that you guys got to see buzz lightyear!


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