Monday, July 07, 2008

Organization Freak

This pantry is a result of a match made in Heaven. I love to organize and Matthew loves to add to our food storage. I have collected these pantry can organizers from shelf reliance and I just love them. They rotate my cans and I can fit so much in my pantry. I just wanted to share a picture because I went to my pantry today and thought it looked so organized!!


lelly said...

i. am. speechless.

i need this in my life!

Aranne and Dan said...

I love this. I too am an organization freak. I would love to have this in my house and have a pantry that looked this good. Too bad I don't do that good with my food storage!! OOPS!

Crabtree Family said...

Sooooo jealous!!!! Come do mine. Doesn't just looking at this just make you smile. : ) It does for me.

The Perry Family said...

I can't wait to have those shelf/can organizers...wait I need a shelf first and a pantry before that. I tell you soon enough!!!! I'm loving that beauty, a organized cupboard!!!!

Amanda said...

I certainly won't let my husband see this picture. I would be in so much trouble if he compared the state of my pantry to this! I'm Jealous!


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