Tuesday, July 08, 2008

SPT - First Element of Summer

The First Element of Summer: SUN

I'm a slacker and I'm going to do two SPTs on one Tuesday. This is the true meaning of sun bathing 'o natural! We finally have sun in Rexburg and we've been taking advantage of that. We bought a pool yesterday and tried to find a slip n slid with no luck. The kids enjoyed the sun and water all afternoon yesterday and we did the same today.
She did start out with a swim diaper and a bathing suit, but she pooped in her diaper, so we took the swim diaper off. Apparently she was not done, and we ended up having to refill the pool. Once we got it full the second time, she peed in the water. So much for trying to swim. Today we decided she would take a nap while the other two swam.


Now, I'm from San Diego so I grew up in the sun and I absolutely love it. I took advantage of the sun yesterday and today too. I bought myself a lounger chair and read my novel while the kids played in the water! That's living!!! :)


Andy & Lynne said...

looks like you got that fence up just in the nik of time!

The Perry Family said...

Lexi, those buns are too cute!!!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

That sure is living!!! Good life there!


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