Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Picket Fence

Remember this picture of my new picket fence? This is the "before".
This is the "after" picture! %*^%@!+^#*
Okay, so me and my friend were on the porch yesterday and I was telling her how nervous I was that the builders were so close to our fence. You can see that they dug the foundation and the dirt was piled within feet of the fence.
Like two hours after having this conversation with my friend I get a knock on my front door. I had a sinking feeling as I went to the door and when I saw who it was my first thought was "oh no". The guy didn't say anything for a few seconds then he proceeded to tell me that he ran over my fence. He said he was backing up and didn't see the fence. I looked out the front door and the entire panel was on the ground.

They said they would pay for it, so I called the guy who did the fence "Backyard Fencing" and he came and assessed the damage. We have to replace the entire panel. Thank goodness that the builders are paying for it!!! I'm just so bummed because it's like wasted fence because it was brand new and now has to be replaced. I sure hope nothing else happens to the fence while they are building the rest of the house!!!!! Wishful thinking!


Bren's Life said...

Oh man that just Stinks. That is a really cute fence though...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but at least they are going to pay for it.

Sandi said...

That is lousy. don't you hate it when you get a bad feeling and then it happens.

Kipn n' Sarah said... sad!!! That really, really stinks but your fence is still beautiful!!! Looks like an amazing yard!

Windy said...

What a total bummer! It's such a gorgeous fence, though.

The Piñon Family said...

What a bummer! Thank goodness they are going to replace it for you instead of just sayung "sorry."


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