Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friends Reunion

This past weekend we got to see our Albuquerque friends and it was so much fun! Some of our friends we haven't seen in 3 years.

When we moved to Albuquerque in August 2001 I thought I'd never make it through 4 years of grad school! It was the biggest move we'd made since we first got married and we knew no one! It was quite the adjustment for me because I went from working full time to staying at home with Ethan. Anyway, long story short, after 6 miserable months of living in a scary place, we moved to one of the best Wards we've ever been in! After that move, for the most part, I loved living in Albuquerque! It wasn't because I was really attached to the landscaping or my surroundings, but I had the greatest friends ever! It was such a blessing for me to have such a great group of friends to help me through the hardest years of schooling that we've ever been through. Hard because, Matthew was going to school, working, studying and our family was growing and we all had more demands and we were living on a student budget. We made it through the experience, and we're better because of it, but I would not have made it if I didn't have the support of our friends.

We've all moved on from school and our lives in Albuquerque and are in different states now, but it was so nice to be able to pick up just like we'd seen each other yesterday! Not everyone could make it and we missed them, but we plan to have more reunions in the future!

Our husbands and families were there too, but it would have been mayhem to try and get them all in one picture. Plus, I don't think the husbands wanted their pictures taken :)

It was so nice of the Jackman's to host our party in their backyard. This is the slide that the kids played on all day. Lexi went down only once with her brother and that was it. She wouldn't have any more of it!

This is Lexi wearing shoes that are not hers. She kept wearing different shoes the entire day and when it was time to leave we couldn't find her shoes for the longest time.
This is Ethan reunited with his friend Kaylee. They first met when Ethan was less than one and as they spent time together over the years they became best friends. We would have park days every week and the two of them would always end up off by themselves talking in the sand box. They are now 7 & almost 9 and states apart, but it's good to see that they still enjoy each others' company. Yet again, they ended up off by themselves talking about "who knows what". The two of them were really embarrassed to take pictures together, so I snapped this one when they weren't paying attention.
It was my birthday when we had our get together and Amy's was the next day, so everyone was nice enough to have a birthday cake for us. I won't tell you my age, you can just guess how young I am :) I had a great birthday! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!


The Piñon Family said...

How fun for all of you!

brit said...

i already miss everyone again. it was the best to see everyone. i love that kaylee and ethan still gravitate towards each other.

kristib said...

How fun! I'm so jealous! I wish we could have been there.

Laurel said...

OOHH it makes me homesick to think of all you girls having fun together. Wish we could have been there!


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