Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SPT - Emblem of the land I love

SPT challenge for the month of July:

Tuesday, June 3rd the emblem of the land i love
Tuesday, June 10th the twilight's last gleaming
Tuesday, June 17th my home sweet home
Tuesday, June 24th stars and/or stripes forever

This picture was taken in April 2007 when I visited my sister in Philadelphia.


The monkey bunch said...

Good picture. It's not easy in that little glass room they keep it in to get a good one!

lelly said...

great photo! gosh, i haven't been to the liberty bell in AGES!

The Perry Family said...

I like this picture of you! You look cute! I wish you were here again. August....maybe or maybe next May....

Bren's Life said...

Great picture. I've never been there. Hope you had fun!

Chris said...

Great picture. I have not been there in so long. Have to get back there. Take my kids.

Lene said...

What a wonderful picture.


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