Wednesday, May 28, 2008

White Picket Fence

So we have one side of our picket fence in and I just think it's so pretty! I wanted to give an update to those who've been wondering how it's coming along.

Here is the other side. They are going to try and work on the picket fence if it doesn't rain again! Pleeese no more rain! We won't have the gates in yet because they haven't arrived yet. It's so sad, but I can't wait to have my kids trapped in the back yard, so I won't have to be a worry wart of a mother!!


Windy said...

Love, love, love that picket fence. Your home is so beautiful!

brit said...

looks so good! i am jealous, i have no way to lock my children in the back yard. so exciting for you! loved your "blue" post. we have beautiful blue skies, but i am so sick of the wind! remember the nasty, nasty wind in NM? aauugh!

Trish said...

Hey you! We tried to come visit you on Friday around 2:00 but no one was home : ( We went to Bear World and then into Rexburg to get a prescription filled. I didn’t have your # with me so we just tried to stop by. (I peeked in your backyard, your fence looks great!) I really feel sorry for you guy’s because of the rain. It was rainy nearly the entire time we were there. Our kids where getting cabin fever from being cooped-up in the house. I wish we would have had more time. It all went by so fast. We were so busy with getting things ready for my dad’s private school graduation. I’m so sorry we missed you.

Love ya!

The Piñon Family said...

Love the fence! It looks so nice!

Dacia said...

Sorry Trish, I was off running errands and then I left town at 3pm and went to Boise. Sorry we missed you :(. It would have been fun to see you guys!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

So the perfect life is in place, the amazing husband, the beautiful kids, and to finnish it off the beautiful house with the white picket fence. LOVE IT!!! I hope to have one of those one day and also be living in Idaho. LOVE THAT PLACE!!! Love the fence too, it is beautiful! Such a cute family!


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