Friday, May 30, 2008

Little People

Lexi was so excited to have another "baby" around this week to play with. This is her cousin Desea visiting from California. They were so cute because they both called each other "baby" the whole time.
They played together really well until they started getting tired. That's when the patting wasn't so gentle anymore. :) Funny girls!

We had fun visiting with Desea, her Mom Erika & Erika's mom Lizzy :) Thanks for entertaining my kids. Wish we could see you more! Can't wait to see baby #2!


Kipn n' Sarah said...

I just have to say that all the people in your family make some beautiful kids!
So cool that they were able to come up and visit!

amyorr said...

Hi. I am friends/old neighbors with Chelsea. I am also from Rexburg. Chelsea told me to check out your blog so I did. I'mnot a stalker or anyting. I saw you mentioned that you lost weight with Herbalife. What product did you use? I want to start it but there are so many products I'm not sure what to try. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

Andy & Lynne said...

they are so cute together! you are right, it is cute when they are getting along but once they are done, man it is OVER!


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