Thursday, May 22, 2008


How many of you have ever left anything on the back of a car or on top of the car and forgotten about it? Well, this would be the second time that I've done it and it will cost me!

This first picture is a picture of my empty phone charger. I think this was take in November or early December (before the snow came to Rexburg and never left) when I was working outside. I try to take the house phone out with me so that I can answer it if someone calls. Anyway, I left it on the back of one of our cars. Well, of course I forgot about it until we had gone and come back home a few times. It has never been seen again. I was so bummed because it was our best cordless phone.

The second picture here is of a Kodak easyshare digital camera. I couldn't take a picture of my camera because, yes, as you guessed it, I left it on the back of Matthew's car on Tuesday night. Well, yesterday morning he went to work and didn't know that his wife had left the camera on the back of his car. So, I'm afraid we will never see it again! :( I guess I needed a new one anyway because my Kodak easyshare was as old as Kalin (almost 5). I'm also bummed because I had my 1G card in there too. I'm so glad that I'm diligent in downloading my photos, thanks to this blog.

So, if you live in my neighborhood and ever see an electronic on the side of the road, you can almost always bet it's mine and I left it on the back of a vehicle and forgot about it!! Don't you know I have a college degree! That's what kids will do to a human brain!


brit said...

that totally sucks! but i guess you get a new camera. not a bad idea! i may have to remember that when i am ready to upgrade!

Crabtree Family said...

Oh no! well now you have a really good excuse to get a new camera. Bummer, you have my sympathy, the silly things we do. : )

The Perry Family said...

You are crazy, aside from that, I thought Matthew doesn't allow things to be put on top of cars, especially things that could actually cause a scratch, unlike a visor.

Ali said...

That is a major bummer and I'm sorry for you! Moms always have their minds on a million things and sometimes these things happen. Happy camera shopping.

Andy & Lynne said...

join the club! sorry to hear that!


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