Friday, May 23, 2008

Naked Baby

So, I really wish I had my camera! Last night I went to check on Lexi when I went to bed and she had taken all her clothes off. I was so glad she left her diaper on. Apparently, when they first went to bed, she started taking her shirt off and Matthew kept putting it back on her. He got tired of doing that, so he said he would wait until she fell asleep. Matthew kind of forgot about that. Anyway, I was surprised to see her like that and she must have been cold for awhile. What would kids do if Mommies didn't tuck them in at night?


The Kemps said...

If it weren't for mommies tucking in their babies, we'd all have very cold little ones!!

BTW-I finally finished my post that respondes to your tag from way back when...

Amanda said...

Isn't the "I want to be naked" stage so fun?! Good thing mommies check on their babies before going to bed.


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