Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tagged Yet Again

Share three of the fallowing:
3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 random surprising facts, 3 current obsessions/collections


1. My marriage
2. My kids
3. Life

1. Car crashes
2. Surgery
3. Spiders

1. lia sophia Division manager
2. To get into pre-baby skinny jeans (This is more wishful thinking!)
3. To get our fence installed sometime this spring. If it ever stops snowing!!!! I'm not installing it myself of course!

Random Surprising Facts:
1. I'm over 30 (who knows maybe some people are surprised :) about that fact--here's to wishing anyway)
2. I always wear socks around the house. People rarely ever see my bare feet.
3. I've only traveled to one place out of our country--Tijuana, and that's because I'm from San Diego. Someday we'll go to Europe for sure!

Current Obsessions/Collections:
1. Scrapbooking supplies (just collect them and never use them)
2. Cupcakes. Just an obsession of eating them, not collecting them.
3. lia sophia jewelry (I know I sell it, but I still am obsessed with everything about it)

Hope you enjoyed this tag. I can't think of anyone else to tag since I've tagged everyone that I know already with other tags, so it seems. So, you're all off the hook from being tagged from me this time.


Kat said...

I can't help but tell you that if you want to go to Europe, put it on your priority list. Go sooner than later, because one day you'll wake up, be old, and have never done it.

I always wanted to go to New York and New Orleans. I still do want to go to these places, but now they are both forever changed and I'm sorry I missed seeing them before those sad days.

Sorry for offering advice that was not asked for...just felt compelled. BTW, I live in San Diego. TJ is a war zone these days...Be happy you went when you did. I know I am. I don't hang out in TJ anymore. Today, it is different.

Take good care,


Dacia said...

Thanks for the great advice. We hope to go when the kids are a little older. Maybe within the next few years. My husband's family is from Sicily so we'd love to go to Italy!


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