Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kalin's Gymnastics Recital

Kalin's class did there performance to the songs from the movie Enchanted. The theme of the recital this year was "Let's go to the Movies." Kalin was so excited because she loves this movie and she wants to grow up and be a princess. We were at the BYUI Kirkham auditorium in front of hundreds of people. She was so excited and did such a great job!!

Right after they came on stage, waiting to be introduced.

Kalin's hand stand when she got introduced.

Getting her flower from a boy.

Twirling around in circles with her flower.

Running in a group circle.

Somersaults with her flower in her hand.

Somersaults, still holding onto flower.

Cartwheels on video.

Forward rolls on video.

Kalin's assisted back flip.
Kalin's back bend. She's in the middle.

Waving to everyone after their performance.

Kalin posing after her performance.

Kalin on stage to accept her medal.

Family picture after recital.


brit said...

so cute. the cartwheels totally cracked me up. did she get a little dizzy? she looks like a natural!

Alynda said...

AWESOME pics!!
By the way:
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Amanda said... cute is that?!! I loved the cartwheel video the most. She looks so very proud of herself too. How neat to watch your little girl do something she has worked hard at!

Crabtree Family said...

How fun is that! She'll remember that forever.

Heather said...

soo cute! She is such a beauty!

kristib said...

We loved the video of the cartwheels! We'll probably be back to watch that one again.

kristib said...

P.S. love that last pose by Ethan and Kalin. So sweet...

The Perry Family said...

ALeah has watched the videos over and over and she keeps asking to watch her cousin Kalin. So Kalin, just so you know, Aleah thinks you are so cool and tries to do cartwheels just like you! Good job little superstar!!

The Perry Family said...

oh yeah, Kalin, I tried those forward rolls you did, they're a lot harder than they look, or I'm just seriously getting old!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

How stinkin cute is this!!! Little girls in gymnastics is just the cutest thing ever!!! Good job on those cartweels by the way, I did not realise kids so young could do those.
Tell her good job!!!
You have to be so proud!!!


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