Monday, April 28, 2008

Some Random Facts about Me

I was tagged by Windy & now I get to share 7 weird or random facts about myself.

1. I like my towels folded a certain way and if their not folded that way, I'll refold them before I put them away.

2. I rarely go to be before midnight.

3. I have four names: Dacia Ewalani Lee Alba

4. I can't stand the sound of people chewing their food.

5. My bed has to be somewhat made before I get in it, so that the blankets are just the way I want them when I sleep.

6. I like soggy french fries.

7. I am Filipino, Korean, Hawaiian, Caucasian, French, Scottish-Irish, German, Indian, Italian by marriage (so grandma says), possibly Chinese, etc. etc. etc. Were not exactly sure what I am!

These following people have been tagged: Sarah, Dinah, Aimee, Camille, Michie, Ali, Debbie

So now that you've decided you're glad you live far away from a crazy person like me - here's how to play, in case I tag you or if you want to do this on your blog:

1. On your post, link back to the person who tagged you - that would be me, in this case.
2. Post your assignment on your blog - seven weird or random facts.
3. Post these rules on your blog.
4. Post links to seven bloggers that you will be tagging.
5. Go to those blogs and give them a comment on their blog to let them know that you have tagged them.


brit said...

soggy french fries?? really? i never knew!:)

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Ok I need to do this and will, thanks for the Tag! Hmmm???

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Ok I did my post, YEAH!!!

Windy said...

Good job! Shad hates the sound of people's teeth touching their utensils when they're eating.

kristib said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to have her sheets a certain way! If I don't make my bed during the day, I do before I get in it at night. Earl just laughs...

Burgess' Intermountain Martial Arts said...

What a fun site!
found you from 'lene's embrace the chaos


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