Saturday, March 01, 2008

Time Out For Women

I just got back from a wonderful weekend at Deseret Book's "Time Out For Women". It was such a wonderful weekend. I had so much fun and I was so inspired and uplifted. You can check it out at this website to see if it will be in a city near you TOFW.

We were able to hear talks from Wendy Watson Nelson, Sheri Dew, S. Michael Wilcox, Jason Wright, Sharon G. Larsen, Emily Watts, & Chris Stewart. Each talk was so inspiring and my children will ever be grateful for a better mom because of this experience.

My good friend Tiffany made this awesome book for me to take notes on the talks and to record other ideas and thoughts that I had. To see more pics on this cute book click here.

We got these really cute bags from Deseret Book. They match the signs and programs. How cute is that!

This is a picture of Tiff and I with Mercy River. They sang for us during the weekend and they have beautiful voices. They sing wonderful songs all centered on Christ. To see more on their brand new CD click here. We were also able to hear from two other great musicians. Jenny Oaks Baker & Kenneth Cope. Talk about inspiring music!

I have to give a special shout out to Tiffany and Kenzie for going with me. I had a great time and it was nice to have friends to go with. Thanks Tiff for even suggesting it! I had no idea what I was missing. Now I'm going to go when ever I get the chance. Thanks also for the book, now I'll always have it to look back at when I need inspiration.


Krazy Kemps said...

Sounds like a wonderful event!!!

Trisha Christensen said...

Dacia, I’m so glad you were able to go do that. Reading your post is getting me even more excited to go to Women’s Conference at BYU in May with my friend. YEAH! for mommy time!!!!

Love the cute little book your friend made.

The Hale Family said...

So fun. I am glad you went. I would love to do that some time. I love the cute book too!

The Perry Family said...

They're coming to Philly in October! I'm excited I think I'm going to go! I'm glad you had a good time! Those kind of outings are important to rejuvinate and refresh.

Dacia & Matthew Alba said...

You should totally go. It's worth it. If you get a group of 5 or more to go, you can get the group rate. You'll love it and you'll feel like a new woman!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Wow you really do have some creative friends and I sure bet that you do all that cool creative stuff too. My mom, sis, and I are all going to go to the Time Out for Women when it is in San Diego. I was excited about it before now but now that I read your blog about it I AM STOKED!!!! Yeah, I WANT A BOOK!!!! That is so cute and what a great idea. LOVE IT!

Tiffany said...

Hey, I love your new background! Way cute.

Janna said...

OMGosh, do you live in IF?? My sil went to this last weekend

Rolyndia said...

I wanted to go to this so bad, But Rod was out of town. I just received a flyer and there are several this year close by and I am hoping to go to a least one of them. Looks like it was blast.


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