Monday, February 25, 2008

Wedding Decorations

Here are the decorations I promised to post for a friend. This is a picture of the buffet table and you can't see them very well, but there were lights under all the white fabric that looked really nice when the lights were down. Thanks for all the chair covers Tiffany, they helped make the room really pretty. Without them, it wouldn't have been the same. Jenny said the same thing to me and she's so glad we had them. Now, if I had been there the day earlier, there would have been a lot more decorations, but life happens and Jenny was okay with it. The pictures don't do justice, but at least this gives you an idea.


Tiffany said...

That turned out cute, too bad though you wern't able to do the fruit thing, but better you're alive. So glad I could help out.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Cute, my colors were that color pink and a bright blue, love the decorations. Do you do that for a business or something???

Dacia & Matthew Alba said...

No, I wish I did this for a business. It always was my dream, but Matthew hates it when I help with weddings because of all the stress. Tiffany, the girl that made the first post, did this for a business and she let me borrow a bunch of the chair covers. It made all the difference to have them. Tiff is the party & decorating diva!


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