Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Beach in San Diego

While we were in San Diego we had to take the kids to the beach to look for seashells. Grandma Griffiths and Uncle Brian got the kids seashells for Christmas and they've been fascinated with them ever since. We took the kids to La Jolla Shores to look for shells and we had a great time. Nana went with us and she was a great help when Kalin decided she had to go to the bathroom after we got far down the beach. Thank goodness for Grandmas!

This is a picture of Matthew and the kids looking for shells.After our search we had to look at our treasures. We found some really cool shells.
Lexi walked down the beach too and every so often she would stop to dig her toes in the sand. She loved it! She wanted to get down and put her hands in it too, but we didn't have any towels for her to get that messy!
Kalin wanted to get wet more than she wanted to look for shells. The water was freezing, but she kept telling Nana that it wasn't cold and all she wanted to do was go in it. As you can see she got herself wet by kicking the water and sand. She had to ride home in her underwear until her pants could dry. Thanks to Aunt Janel for providing her with backup pants!

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Krazy Kemps said...

Great photos!! It looks like a fun trip to the beach!


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