Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lex & Erika's house

We were able to spend a few days at Lex and Erika's house and we had a great time. Thanks guys! We were there on New Years Eve and we played games until early in the morning and we ate LOTS of food! Good times!
This picture is of Lexi playing with her cousin Desea. They are about the same size even though they are about five months apart. They had fun together when Lexi wasn't trying to take toys away from Desea.

We just had to post this picture because we just love this face that Desea makes. Isn't she so cute with the scrunched up nose? The last night we were in San Diego we got to have the yummy lobster dinner. For those of you who don't know, my brother Lex dives for lobsters every year and then him and Erika have great cookouts! Since Lex already had his huge annual Christmas lobster feast, he had to go diving for more lobster. He went diving on Wed. night while we were at Jai and Janel's house, so we just had to cook them the following night. Kalin thought it was great that she got to touch the live lobster before Lex froze them. Erika made her famous "dynamite lobster" and we go to try that. She also made her craw fish soup. Talk about YUMMY! We were so spoiled on our trip to San Diego. Thanks Lex, Erika, Mom, Mike, Janel & Mike! We had a great time!
The kids had to sit on the counter and watch Lex cut and gut the lobster. They thought it was so fascinating to watch them cook! Sorry Erika about the non-stop questions, but they loved it!

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