Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Temple Square

On Saturday, Dec. 1st we went to see the Salt Lake City Temple Square lights with our friends the Crabtrees. We drove down to Utah on Friday and stayed at Brian's house. Thanks Bri-Bri!

We had planned this trip with the Crabtrees for the past few weeks and we were all excited to go. Little did we know that it would snow almost the entire day on Saturday. We were all brave and decided to face the weather and it was COLD! First we drove around for at least 40 minutes looking for a parking space and that got OLD fast. Then when we got outside we realized that we had forgotten the baby's blanket, Matthew's gloves and Ethan's hat in the car. That was when we were already half way dawn the huge hill that we parked at the top of. Anyway, the kids were really excited about the lights until they had been in the cold for about 10 minutes, then Kalin just wanted to go home. Ethan wanted to play in the snow even without his gloves. We had to keep him out of the snow so he wouldn't freeze! Here are some pictures to show our trip...
Beautiful Temple with the lit tree in front

Ethan all bundled in his warm jacket

Pretty light tree More lighted trees framing the temple
Another Temple picture These were the lights on the reflecting pool
This is Matthew
More lights

Another light Christmas tree
Beautiful! The hill we had to walk up to get to our car. This is looking down the hill.

The family at the top of the hill

Drinking hot cocoa and eating cookies & apply pie at McDonald's afterwards. We had to thaw out somehow.

In spite of the cold weather we had a great time and the lights were just beautiful. We plan to make this trip a family tradition and hopefully next year it will be just a few degrees warmer. Cross our fingers!

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