Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lexi Turns One

Little Lexi turned one on Monday, November 12th. I can't believe how time flies! I can still remember when she was born and all the painful details :) That would be why I'm not ready for another one! We had our own little party with cake and ice cream and she made such a mess that she went straight to the tub. There was no point trying to clean her up when the icing was in her hair. She had a great time eating cake and opening her presents, or should I say watching her brother and sister open them. She did get to enjoy playing with her toys.

She is still not walking yet, but she's now starting to crawl on her feet and hands. She can stand on her own, but she is still to scared to take steps. She did take her first steps on her birthday, but she did not want to try anymore after two times. We were so excited! Of course, she did not perform when I got the camera out. Oh well! There will be plenty of video of her walking someday.

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