Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We decided to go shooting on labor day with Jessie, Barry and our kids & it was a lot of fun.

This is Kalin shooting with her dad.

Matthew and I went shooting together in Aug. when the kids were in school.  We decided to throw clay pigeons with a hand thrower.  Well, let's just say that Matthew ended up throwing them himself because all I could seem to do was throw them at him or not at all.  That is one talent that I don't have--throwing clay pigeons.  To top that off, I got this lovely burn when one of the 9mm shells popped up and got stuck into the side of my sunglasses & burned my face.  Lovely.  So much for eye protection.  It may not seem like we had a great time shooting, but we actually had a lot of fun, laughing and all.

*pics taken 8/29/2013 & 9/2/2013

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