Friday, July 15, 2011

Kalin Turns 8

Kalin got to celebrate her birthday 3 times this year! Lucky girl!
We took her to dinner & she opened presents on her actual birthday. Then Matthew's family visited for her baptism and we celebrated with cake & ice cream. She also got to have a friend party this year because she turned 8.
So she got to have FUN, FUN, FUN!

She got to buy a few things she wanted with money her grandparents sent her. One of those items was a hula hoop and she's demonstrating for us how to use it :)
We got back late from celebrating at dinner, so this is how Matthew decided to wrap her presents--with sheets. I guess all we really have is Christmas wrapping paper anyway.
She didn't seem to care how they were wrapped, just wanted what was in them.

We love our Kalin and are so glad she's in our family!
She's tons of fun and she's so thoughtful!

*pics taken on 6/30/11 & 7/2/11

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The Perry family said...

happy birthday cute girl!! love you!


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