Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Beautiful Easter Day

These are our cute kiddos before church on Easter morning.

At least I got Ethan to wear his suit, even if I couldn't get him to smile :)

We love em all anyway!

*pics taken 4/24/2011


Kipn n' Sarah said...

You have beautiful/handsome children and I love their little Easter outfits! They are so cute! You guys are just the cutest little family!

The Perry Family said...

That boy cracks me up, and really, I love it! He looks so handsome in his suit! And those girls are beautiful! I wanted to tell you, that pic of Mom and Mike is intended to be for your wall. So funny! She asked me to take a picture for her so she could give it to you for your wall!

Mashaide said...

I think it's so fun to see all the pictures of Ethan. Even if he doesn't smile. At least he makes me smile. =0)


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