Sunday, October 31, 2010

Loads of Candy!

Look at all that candy!
She could hardly wait to dig in!
I told them they could each eat three pieces and the it was bed time.
Lexi just kept eating and eating with no regard to counting how many pieces.

I have to admit that I'm strict when it comes to candy. Even though they got all these goods, I only let them have like 1 piece a day. If they're lucky :)
I just don't want them eating tons of candy all the time.
Ethan insisted on making this face.
What a character!
Kalin is like her parents and wanted to seperate all her candy to inspect her goods.
It makes it easier to trade that way :)

The hardest part will be trying to keep my own hands off these KitKats!

*pics taken 10/30/2010

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