Monday, October 11, 2010

Apples Apples Everywhere

As a family we went to the local university's apple orchards and picked LOTS of apples. Of course I forgot my camera. *Doh*

They kids had such a great time!

Don't they look so yummy?
I borrowed this awesome contraption from my neighbor and the kids and I had a blast!
This thing peels, cores & slices all at the same time. I just might need to invest in one of these!
When done, they look like this and the kids love to try and "boing" them.
This would be a great way to cut apples for lunch for the kids.
When you're done with all that apply fun, you can make one of these yummies with all those apples!
For my recipe, you can visit my cooking momma blog.
*pics taken 10/01/2010

1 comment:

kellie said...

yummy! my kids love eating the apple strings that you get when you peel the apples, such a pretty pie, too!


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