Saturday, September 11, 2010

Civil Defense Caves

Today was a beautiful day and we wanted to find something adventurous to do, so we went online to find somewhere to go and found this.

These are the Civil Defense Caves in Idaho.
Us ready to go in.

Lexi and Daddy. Lexi wouldn't walk because she was too scared. On the way out we convinced her to walk and we both held her hands. She kept saying she was ok and she wouldn't let us hold her anymore :)

Picture of the wall.

Kalin and Mom in the background on top of a mound of rocks.

I'm king of the mountain.

Picture of the ceiling in the cave.
It was a lot of fun and it was easy enough to take our kids with us.
The hardest part was once we really got it & I looked back and couldn't see anything but dark. I was a little scared and claustrophobic for awhile, but I got over it.
*pics courtesy of Ethan & taken on 9/11/2010

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Kipn n' Sarah said...

Way to go for seeking out adventure! You guys are such a cool little family!


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