Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Spike for a Cure" for Rett Syndrome

The first Sat in Aug. I played in a 3 on 3 volleyball tournament with my two friends Mary and Travar. I'm rather embarrassed at the following pictures, but they are proof that I actually played.

We played a total of 15 games. Yikes, no wonder I couldn't walk for two days after!!

No only did my entire body hurt, but I was bruised all up and down my arms. I really did look like I was battered.
We didn't take first place, but we made it through the tournament! Mary and I named our team "The Old Timers" and we were able to live up to our name ;)

Hopefully next year I'll have had some practice before hand and won't be in such bad shape!!

*pics taken on 08/07/10


Sarah d' said...

Awesome action shots! My fav has got to be the last one, where you're pre-bumping the heck out of that ball!

Rachel said...

Great action shots!


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