Friday, August 06, 2010

Reap What You Sow

We wish there was more variety to reap, but this is the garden this year.
We planted 10 different plants and only got 7 to grow & not all 7 grew so strongly :)

The first year we planted (5 years ago) we filled this entire garden. Each year the garden got smaller because we couldn't even eat what was in it.
This year, the garden takes up half of the original area. Manageable enough for me this year :)

Last year we didn't have any pumpkins when Halloween rolled around and we did not want to repeat that mistake again. I think we have 6 regular pumpkin plants growing and 2 white pumpkin plants.

This year we'll hopefully have LOTS of pumpkins!!! We love pumpkins at Halloween time!

In case you're wondering, spinach grows like CRAZY! I think I have 3 spinach plants and we can hardly keep up with eating them. I think I'm going to cook it and freeze it so it doesn't go to waste.

Here are our peas. One vegi that the kids love to eat fresh. Since we planted so late this year (thanks to the weather) we're still waiting for them to be ready to pick.

These are the raspberries that grow along our fence. I got some starters from a friend about 3 years ago and they also grow like CRAZY. It's nice to go pick fresh raspberries every day.
We've moved our strawberries a few times, but here is where they are currently, up against the house. My plan was to build raised garden beds this spring, but since it never happened the strawberries will have to stay here. As you can see, they've decided to grow around the corner too.
*pics taken 08/06/2010


Kipn n' Sarah said...

You go family of yours!!!! That is so cool. Some day I will grow food :) Congrats on all of your labors paying off!

Mashaide said...

Awesome! We didn't get to do a garden this year. Having a baby took up a lot of my time. =0)

Tricia said...

Looks good!


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