Sunday, August 08, 2010

Flowers In Bloom

I had a previous post about when we planted all these flowers, so I thought I'd show how much they've grown.

In case you don't think they look all that big, check out what they used to look like...

Here are some more flowers.
And their before picture...
This cute flower is one that Lexi planted from seed in a little cup at nursery one Sunday. It's so beautiful and it just keeps growing and growing. We can't wait until it's fully bloomed.
Who would have thought that a seed planted in nursery would turn out to be so beautiful!
These are some seeds that we just recently planted to see if we could grow some more flowers before the end of summer. We're watering them daily and crossing our fingers that the frost won't be too early this year!
*pics taken 08/06/2010


Tricia said...

I love to take before and after pictures of things I grow!

Sarah d' said...

Gorgeous! I definitely don't have your green thumb!
PS The pictures of you playing volleyball on Mary's blog are fabulous!!!

Camille said...

Kate's flowers from church are super tall, but with just one bloom on each stem. I need to ask Sister Ricks and Sister Holmes what they are. I keep telling her that they're the flowers she planted in church, but she doesn't believe me, because they've changed so much. Silly girl. You're flowers look great!


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