Sunday, July 11, 2010

Men Like to BBQ

We had Brian, Jenny & David visit us for the 4th of July weekend & we ATE!

It's a perfect combination, Matthew likes to BBQ & we all like to EAT!

Matthew made baked beans, ribs, terriyaki chicken & sausage. We also had potato salad.

After our BBQ & a long walk to try and work some of the calories off, we went to our annual neighborhood fireworks celebration. It's so fun to hang out with friends and watch street fireworks.
As if that wasn't enough food, the next day we had sauce, sausage, meatballs, chicken cutlets & stuffed artichokes. YUM! We're so spoiled!
*pics taken 07/03/2010


brit said...

you are so spoiled to have a husband who first of all can cook, and second of all enjoys it!!

Jennifer said...

We got way spoiled by you guys Squash. We had so much fun. Thank you for everything. Can't wait to see you guys!!!

The Perry Family said...

That sounds delish!!! I feel a little jealous, I really want some of that food!


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