Friday, July 02, 2010

Kalin Turns 7!

Kalin told me she wanted a princess cake this year and I'd never made one, so this was my experiment.

I borrowed a cake pan from my friend (thanks Bernie!) and it has 4 mini cone shapes. I figured if I made a smaller version of the princess dress, it would be less intimidating.
Kalin helped design the dresses & we had so much fun making them together!
Make a wish!
We love to watch Kalin open gifts because she's so animated & excited about any gift she gets!
She finally got a bigger bike and she's so happy!
We're so happy to have Kalin in our family! We all love her so much!!
*pics taken 07/01/2010


Joseph and Mary + Six said...

Those cakes are fit for a princess! So, cute. I love Kalin's facial expressions!

Mashaide said...

You're an awesome mom! I love the cakes you make. SWEET!

The Perry Family said...

How did I miss all these posts?! I love those. They're so cute and perfect. You could make one for each kid. Those are cool!


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