Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Girls Camp

This was my first year going to girls camp since I went myself as a teenager and now I have some great memories!
This is where we went to girls camp this year. It was beautiful!

This was the first year they've ever done tents.
Funny, they wait for my first year to do that :)

This is the pond that the girls swam and canoed in.
This is our camp flag with our standard of truth.
This is the cute baby owl we saw while we were hiking.
These are our girls at the peak of our hike.
This is me eating an apple. Not my best picture, but one of the girls insisted on it.

We all had gold glitter nails that went along with our value virtue.

*pics taken 7/6/10-7/8/10


The Perry Family said...

cool banner!!! I'm glad you got to go! new experiences to learn and grow from.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

WOW looks beautiful!!!! Glad you had fun!


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