Saturday, June 05, 2010

Planting Flowers

Memorial Day started off really beautiful so we decided to take advantage of it & plant our flowers. Our children love plants and they wanted to spend their own money on plants.

We all went to Walmart and picked out flowers. These are the ones Kalin and Ethan picked out.

We found a place in the back yard where they could plant them all and they chose just where to put each one.
I think they did a pretty good job choosing some great plants and helping me plant them.
These pots of course are my project every spring and I sure love picking out flowers to go in them.
These two are the ones that go on each side of our garage.

These are the two that go on our porch. The lilies were picked out by the kids and Grandpa when he was visiting, so we decided to add them here.

I love that the kids want to help me with these projects and I love planting flowers. If I lived in a place where flowers could grow year round, I'd have a massive flower garden!!
We love family gardening time!
*pics taken 05/31/2010

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Mashaide said...

I love the plants you guys picked out. They are beautiful. I love flowers. Wish I had more time in my garden this year. =0(


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