Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Girls Night Out

A couple weeks ago, Matthew, Ethan and Grandpa all went to the Father/Son Camp out, so us girls had a night to ourselves. I thought it would be fun to go out to dinner and then get a movie and treats. I let the girls pick where we went and what did they pick?
Taco Bell!! I tried and tried to convince them of some other nice places we could go, but they would not be swayed.
So, we went to Taco Bell and of course Lexi wouldn't eat her dinner. The mean mom that I am, I wanted them to eat some actual food (if that's what you call it) before they ate the cinnamon twisty things.

The night started off rocky with the eating at Taco Bell, with the crying & fighting, but we eventually had fun. I think it will be a little different when they get a little older. We got a Redbox movie of "Sid the Science Kid" and ate Coldstone. I love me some Coldstone!!!
Love my girls and love spending time with them, even if we have to get through lots of crying first :)

*pics taken 05/21/2010


Team Jogan said...

i remember doing that with my sister and mom (and my little bro for a long time) when my dad and older bro went on campouts! so fun! so many good memories... and no worries... i think we went to burger king a lot :D

The Perry Family said...

That's usually how our girls' nights go too!


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