Saturday, May 01, 2010

Notice Something Strange About This Picture?

Can you see it?
Look Closer at that cute brown jacket.

Maybe this picture helps more.
That's right, she has a snake on her and she's not even phased!!
I'm so glad Matthew took the kids instead of me!!!
There is a couple who have their home full of animals of all kinds and Matthew took the kids over to see all the animals. Can you tell they love it? Well, they do and they can't wait to go back. I'll be sure to send Matthew again!
*pics taken 3/13/10


Kipn n' Sarah said...

I am TOTALLY not a snake fan. She seems so calm. YIKES!!!

The Kemps said...

Yikes! How can she sit so calmly? My skin is totally crawling just looking at the pic!

Amanda said...

I totally did not even see the snake in the first pic. Pretty funny! I think snakes appeal to kids only because they don't truly understand why they should dislike them. I loved them as a kid and HATE them now!!!

Rachel said...

YUCK!! Oh man.. how could anyone stand having one of those in their house? Brave kids, Dacia!

The Perry Family said...

I loath snakes!!!


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