Friday, April 09, 2010

Kids Class Pics

Matthew and I are always excited to see what the kids school pictures will look like when they bring them home.

You dress them nice, do their hair and hope for the best.

We didn't buy their individual pictures this year because we decided to take our own since they always turn out better anyway, but we always have to have the class picture.

This is Kalin's picture and we were so glad that the picture was faded at the bottom so you couldn't see her snow boots.  For some reason they insist on wearing them the entire winter, even if they're not trekking through the snow :)  She's our little poser and we love it.
Something you all need to know about Ethan is that he absolutely HATES taking organized group pictures.  I can have a camera at home and he'll pose for me all day, but when you try to get a group picture he automatically puts a frown on his face.  Usually I try to bribe him with a treat if he will only smile for his pictures.  With that being said, we're actually really excited every year to see what picture he'll bring home.  This was his class picture this year (you should have see his individual one) & he was so upset that his eyes were closed.  When I asked to see his picture he said, "Mom, my eyes are closed, but I didn't do it on purpose."  He said that he didn't smile, but that they took the picture when he blinked.  We love it anyway because every time we see the pictures he brings home, they put smiles on our faces!  That's our Ethan :)  Oh yeah, and he's a little taller, so you get to see the infamous snow boots.

*pics taken Sept. 2010

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The Perry Family said...

personally I'm a fan of the snow boats!!! I like the pictures too, it's just Ethan, and it's great! Love that boy! Kalin is stinkin cute...honestly I can't believe how she doesn't even have some resemblence of a baby anymore. I can't get over that everytime I see a pic of her. No more sad!


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