Monday, April 12, 2010

Just a little Static Electricity

A lot of fun can be had from a fleece blanket and silly kids!

Lexi wanted to have the blanket over her head like it was a cloak & when it fell off her head, this was the result...

We laughed so hard that we had to repeat the process again and again and everyone had to be involved, including Daddy! (Not much hair there, but it was still funny)

I should have gotten a close up of Ethan because he was sure his hair was also sticking up. Can't see it from far away though :)
Lexi's was the craziest of all because she has a curly fro.

Still they were all very amusing! They tried to get me involved, but I can't stand static in my hair!

*pics taken 4/12/2010


Kipn n' Sarah said...

Those pictures ROCK!!! Looks like so much fun in your home!

kristib said...

LOVE Lexi's hair!


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