Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bouncy House Fun!

We took the kids to play on the bouncy houses when they had a day off from school. Of course, they loved it, but I'm just glad that we had hand sanitizer with us :)

Lexi only wanted to bounce in the house if she was by herself or with her siblings. I'm glad that they had a place for younger kids.

This is Lexi going up the little slide. Kalin and Ethan tried to take her up the big slide, but they kept falling down. It's not that easy to climb up if you're that little. Anyway, Lexi got run over by some little kids, so I could not allow her to go up there anymore. It makes me crazy how some people don't watch their kids in these things.

This is her lovin the slide.

Another one of those "sibling love" moments!
So glad we have something fun for the kids to do on a day off.
*pics taken 2/15/10


The Hoyt Family said...

Where are these bouncy houses you speak of? :) We should get together sometime! Catch up!

Amanda said...

We don't have good places like that around here. looks like so much fun! All 3 of your kiddos are looking so much more grown up to me!!


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