Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Organizing Christmas Decor

Did I ever tell you that I love decorating my Christmas tree every year? Well, I do! So naturally, I've been collecting bulb ornaments for my tree since the second year I was married. Now, remember that I'm a discount shopper and I usually buy my bulbs on clearance the year before I'm going to use them (yes, I usually have to decide on the colors a year in advance, so I can shop the after Christmas sales).
I bought these bulb organizers last year, but I didn't have near enough to fit all the bulbs I have, so I watched diligently for them to go on sale. I was so excited when they went on sale at Walmart and there were still a ton left in stock!

After that long drawn out explanation, here's the picture of all our Christmas bulbs packed away in the crawl space awaiting their turn to be used on the tree. After we packed them up we decided to count them to see just how far my obsession had gone. Well, I'm embarrassed to say that there are about 350 bulbs of varying colors in these cases and a few large ones that wouldn't even fit. You can be sure I won't be buying any more bulbs next year, oh, unless I need a new color scheme! That comment was for you Matthew ;) Anyway, if you need a new color scheme for your tree next year, don't go buy any, just call me up and you can borrow mine. That is, if I'm not using the color you want; you live by me; you're my friend; & I can trust that most will return unbroken.
I have to add that I love decorating our house for Christmas, but for some reason I LOVE even more when the house is back in it's de-cluttered order when the season is over.
*pic taken 1/11/09


Tiffany said...

you make me laugh! mostly because I can relate. : )

Joseph and Mary + Six said...

Wow Dacia!! I thought I had a lot of bulbs! I love that they're all in their own little cubby in their own little tub! Love it!


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