Tuesday, December 01, 2009


This is the spread and boy was it good!!

Matthew LOOOOOVES pecan pie and he made these himself. He's a chef you know!

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is the bready stuff--homemade rolls and stuffing!
Yum, I'm getting hungry just thinking about how yummy it all was!!

We were so fortunate to have Brian come up and visit is for Thanksgiving.
We're so glad we didn't have to eat this all by ourselves, although, we still need to hit the treadmill after it!!

We love Thanksgiving and are so thankful for all our blessings. We have so much to be grateful for!!

*pics taken 12/26/09


Mashaide said...

Looks delicious! I LOVE pecan pie too. Matter fact...I think I'm going to go have a piece right now.

Lali Johnson said...

looks delicious! Good job on the pies Matthew! you know, I've never had Pecan Pie.

The Perry Family said...

Yummy! I hope you guys had a good one!

Tricia said...



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