Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gingerbread (really Graham Cracker) House Time

The gang and all the goods!!
Ethan already starting eating some of the goods.
Lexi got to do her own house this year.

It's crazy how fast kids grow. I still can't believe that she's old enough to do this all by herself. And such a good job she did!

Kalin working on her roof.

Ethan hard at work on his fence.

Our three munchkins with their finished product.
(Can you see Lexi trying to get her snowman to stand up? Too funny.)

I just have to share some of the cute details...

Kalin's snowman has a hat and it's actually upright (which took a lot of work)

Daddy helped Lexi lean hers up against the house because it kept falling.

We decided that this snowman was melted because he just didn't want to stay upright.

I love how Ethan put lights on his house. So creative!

Lexi has moved on to the eating phase. Really, they did that all night. I'm sure we'll have to visit the dentist after this one :)

Matthew just couldn't seem to get the hang of using the icing bag :)

*pics taken 12/22/09


Joseph and Mary + Six said...

That is so fun! Your kids are so creative and the houses look amazing!

Mashaide said...

Oh my goodness! They did such a good job. I love the details and imagination.


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