Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where did Lexi go?

Tonight when we went in to check on the girls before bed, we couldn't find Lexi in her bed.

and since we can't see too well on the top bunk, we had to search until we found her here--
snuggled up with her sister on the top bunk!
Too bad she couldn't stay up there. I'm much to afraid that she'd fall.
They're still so cute though!
*pics taken 10/15/09


a happy heart blog. said...

So cute Dacia! My girls do this sometimes too - it makes my heart burst! :)

Amanda said...

I love sibling love. And sisters especially just seem to be so cute and so close. That is adorable. You're a lucky mama to have little girls that love each other so much!

Lali Johnson said...

oh how cute is that!

The Perry Family said...

too precious! Love that!


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