Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Bed

Our baby moved to a real bed this week. She's lovin the freedom of being in a big girl bed. The only problem we've had is that she falls out of the bed at night and wakes up. I thought that might be a problem when she was always at the edge of her crib. I'm sure she'll get used to it soon.

Aren't they so cute in their bunk beds!!

Don't mind the room decor. We're in a transition from the old decor to a new theme. Can't wait until it's all finished.

Lexi only wants to sleep with her sheet. When I put the blanket over her sheet she throws it on the floor. Good thing it's warm.

*pics taken 8/11/09


The Perry Family said...

They are so cute in their big girl beds! I want to snuggle those little bugs! I can't wait to see the finished decor!

Tiffany said...

They look soooo cute! Oh how I wish we could get Ellie in a bed. I bet she's lovin it.

The Ferguson Family said...

So cute, we just moved Carson into a bed as well, he loves it. My girls totally want bunk beds like that, Emma would be jealous.

Mashaide said...

So cute! I miss those little ones!

Corrine said...

that is so cute!

A Happy Heart Blog said...

We moved our girls into bunk beds for space when they were around five. They haven't fallen off yet, either in play or sleep! I love the white! Very cooL!


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