Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fun Times with Family

Here are more pictures from our trip to UT. These pictures are all taken at Matthew's Uncle's cabin in Utah.

This was a really relaxing place to hang out and swing. I'm sure you can only see it if you click on the picture, but Ethan is doing what he loved most--walking on the rocks by the water.
Such a cute kid. It was hot and he still wanted to wear his pants and long sleeve shirts!

Lexi with Uncle Kent.

Aunt Jen Jen.

Male bonding.

Cousin Afton.

Our princess Kalin.

Kalin opening some bday gifts.
*all pictures taken on 7/3/09


Jennifer said...

Thank you for posting these Squash. So fun. Good times.

Jennifer said...

Hope the dress fits her sis.

The Perry Family said...

Those Griffiths(?) are such nice people!! good family fun!


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