Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Four Wheelin

We had the opportunity to visit family this past weekend. Matthew's aunt and uncle invited us up to their cabin to play. This was our first time on four wheelers and we had fun. The kids couldn't get enough of them. Matthew mostly drove them around the property.

I love this picture 'cause it shows just how tight Kalin was holding on.

kids riding with aunt jen jen
Thanks for all the fun Griffiths family!!!
*pics taken 7/3/09 & 7/4/09


The Perry Family said...

That pic with Kalin on the back kills me! Looks like good fun!

Amanda said...

How fun for the kids! That is always such an exciting thing to do...for the kids and adults. And no worries about anyone falling off....they were holding on for dear life!

Mashaide said...

Clinging little monkeys! Oo Oo Ah Ah! They'd probably cut off my circulation because I drive way too fast on those things. I'm surprised we never rode ours the times you were out here. Maybe we were just working on too many projects. We'll have to make sure they do next time.

Jennifer said...

I had so much fun with my little babies. Soo glad we got to spend time with you guys. My nieces and nephew are so special. Love you all.

Julie said...

YEAH! We had soooo much fun with you and your cute family. We sure wish we lived closer, but hope we can make this a tradition every year!


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